Schengen acquis (Schengen Law). Monograph


Since October 2017 to October 2020, Rezekne Academy of Technologies has been implementing the European Regional Development Fund Postdoctoral Research Support Project “EU External Border Security, Latvian Internal Security” No.1.1.2/VIAA/1/16/127. Project executor is postdoctoral researcher Dr. iur. Arturs Gaveika. The cooperation partner of the project is the State Border Guard College of Latvia.

The research was devoted to problematic issues within the context of the European Union’s external borders regulatory framework in Latvia. The problematic issues researched concern the national, the EU’s and international legislation matters from the perspective of Latvia as a subject of international rights, sovereignty, territorial jurisdiction and national borders and in the context of the freedom of movement within the implementation of the Schengen Acquis activity area. For the first time in Latvia the interconnection of EU external borders regulatory framework with EU and international rights doctrines concerning national borders has been analysed.


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